Comedian and former Celebrity Apprentice / Trump beauty pageant staffer Noel Casler joins us to TELL ALL about his time working for Donald Trump, Trump’s Adderall addiction, Mitch McConnell and more.


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  • I am sharing this with family and friends. It explains the complete dysfunction we have been living with for the past 4 years.
    It also confirms the complete failure of our institutions to deal with a clearly impaired and dangerous man, as well as the venality of those who propped him up, including his very sick family members.
    Thanks for this program.
    Casler has performed a public service.

  • Fortney, we are informed and the claim was false. You need to drop it, as you would drop all misinformation you have been give. We get it — you want to be fair and support women, but when it has gone nowhere — let it GO!!!